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What Ibn `Abd al-Wahhab said on Tasawwuf ( Sufism)



What Ibn `Abd al-Wahhab  said on Tasawwuf ( Sufism) ?

We should ask also whether the so-called “Salafis” know the position of Ibn `Abd al-Wahhab on tasawwuf. It is evident that their near-totality have not the faintest idea that he accepted the attribution of tasawwuf back to the Prophet(s) himself. Ibn `Abd al- Wahhab said in the third volume of his complete works published by Ibn Sa`ud University, on page 31 of the Fatawa wa rasa’il, Fifth Question:

Know — may Allah guide you — that Allah Almighty has sent Muhammad, blessings and peace upon him, with right guidance, consisting in beneficial knowledge, and with true religion consisting in righteous action. The adherents of religion are as follows: among them are those who concern themselves with learning and fiqh, and discourse about it, such as the jurists; and among them are those who concern themselves with worship and the pursuit of the Hereafter, such as the Sufis. Allah has sent His Prophet with this religion which encompasses both kinds, that is: fiqh and tasawwuf.


Even though Ibn `Abd al-Wahhab was the pioneer of the  Wahhabi Slafi Najadi movement but he could not help but acknowledge the greatness and sincerity of Sufi and Taswwuf and conisder it one of the two essential parts of Islam the other being Islamic law or Fiq .

It’s like the the enemies of Prophet Muhammad(s) even though they hated him (s) but could not help but acknowledge his (s)sincerity an righteousness at the same time .

Look “0” foolish Wahhabis and Salafis what one of the greatest founder of your Wahhabi or Salafi cults Ibn `Abd al-Wahhab is saying about Tasawwuf or Sufism and you idiots still DARE to criticize Sufism or Tasawwuf ???


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Dr Syed Abdul Raheem

Author of Answering Wahhabism and Salafism blog

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