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CONFESSIONS OF A BRITISH SPY -Exposing the British , West, Jewish conspiracy and enmity against Islam by forming the wahhabi(salafi) sect in Arabia – Part 1-PREFACE

    CONFESSIONSofA BRITISH SPYandBritish Enmity AgainstIslam Eighth EditionHAKIKAT KITABEVIDarussefaka Cad. No: 57/A P.K. 35 34262Tel: 90.212.523 4556 – 532 5843 Fax: 90.212.525 5979http://www.hakikatkitabevi.come-mail: bilgi@hakikatkitabevi.comFatih-ISTANBUL/TURKEY2001   PREFACEAllâhu ta’âlâ declared in the eighty-second âyat of Mâidasoûra of Qur’ân al-kerîm, “The biggest enemies of Islam are theJews and mushriks.” The first mischief contrived to demolishIslam from within was instigated by […]