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CONFESSIONS OF A BRITISH SPY -Exposing the British , West, Jewish conspiracy and enmity against Islam by forming the wahhabi(salafi) sect in Arabia – Part 2-Section One Part One

CONFESSIONS OF A BRITISH SPY -Exposing the British , West, Jewish conspiracy and enmity against Islam by forming the wahhabi(salafi) sect in Arabia  Part 2- Section One Part One

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Section One PART ONE   Hempher says: Our Great Britain is very vast. The sun rises over its seas, and sets, again, below its seas. Yet our state is relatively weakconcerning its colonies in India, China and Middle East. Thesecountries are not entirely under our domination. However, we have been carrying on a very active and successful policy inthese places. We shall be in full possession of all of them verysoon. Two things are of importance:1- To try to retain the places we have already obtained; 2- To try to take possession of those places we have notobtained yet. The Ministry of the Commonwealth assigned a commission from each of the colonies for the execution of these two tasks.As soon as I joined the Ministry of the Commonwealth, theMinister put his trust in me and appointed me the administratorof our company in East India. Outwardly it was a tradecompany. But its real task was to search for ways of taking control of the very vast lands of India.Our government was not at all nervous about India. Indiawas a country where people from various nationalities, speakingdifferent languages, and having contrasting interests livedtogether. Nor were we afraid of China. For the religionsdominant in China were Buddhism and Confucianism, neither ofwhich was much of a threat. Both of them were dead religions that instituted no concern for life and which were no more thanforms of addresses. For this reason, the people living in thesetwo countries were hardly likely to have any feelings ofpatriotism. These two countries did not worry us, the Britishgovernment. Yet the events that might occur later were not out of consideration for us. Therefore, we were designing long term

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– 7 –plans to wage discord, ignorance, poverty, and even diseasesin these countries. We were imitating the customs and traditionsof these two countries, thus easily concealing our intentions. What frazzled our nerves most was the Islamic countries.We had already made some agreements, all of which were toour advantage, with the Sick Man (the Ottoman Empire).Experienced members of the Ministry of the Commonwealthpredicted that this sick man would pass away in less than acentury. In addition, we had made some secret agreements withthe Iranian government and placed in these two countriesstatesmen whom we had made masons. Such corruptions asbribery, incompetent administration and inadequate religiouseducation, which in its turn led to being occupied with prettywomen and consequently to neglect of duty, broke thebackbones of these two countries. In spite of all these, we were anxious that our activities should not yield the results we expected, for reasons I am going to cite below: 1- Muslims are extremely devoted to Islam. Every individualMuslim is as strongly attached to Islam as a priest or monk toChristianity, if not more. As it is known, priests and monkswould rather die than give up Christianity. The most dangerousof such people are the Shiites in Iran. For they put down peoplewho are not Shiites as disbelievers and foul. Christians are likenoxious dirt according to Shiites. Naturally, one would do one’sbest to get rid of dirt. I once asked a Shiite this: Why do youlook on Christians as such? The answer I was given was this: “The Prophet of Islam was a very wise person. He put Christians under a spiritual oppression in order to make themfind the right way by joining Allah’s religion, Islam. As a matterof fact, it is a State policy to keep a person found dangerousunder a spiritual oppression until he pledges obedience. Thedirt I am speaking about is not material; it is a spiritualoppression which is not peculiar to Christians alone. It involvesSunnites and all disbelievers. Even our ancient Magian Iranian ancestors are foul according to Shiites.”I said to him: “Well! Sunnites and Christians believe in Allah,in Prophets, and in the Judgement Day, too; why should theybe foul, then?” He replied, “They are foul for two reasons: Theyimpute mendacity to our Prophet, Hadrat Muhammad – may

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– 8 –Allah protect us against such an act![1]And we, in response tothis atrocious imputation, follow the rule expressed in thesaying, ‘If a person torments you, you can torment him in return’, and say to them: ‘You are foul.’ Secondly; Christiansmake offensive allegations about the Prophets of Allah. For instance, they say: Îsâ (Jesus) ‘alaihis-salâm’ drank alcohol. Because he was accursed, he was crucified.”In consternation, I said to the man that Christians did not sayso. “Yes, they do,” was the answer, “and you don’t know. It iswritten so in the Holy Bible.” I became quiet. For the man wasright in the first respect, if not in the second respect. I did not want to continue the dispute any longer. Otherwise, they might be suspicious of me dressed in an Islamic attire as I was. I therefore avoided such disputes. 2- Islam was once a religion of administration and authority.And Muslims were respected. It would be difficult to tell theserespectable people that they are slaves now. Nor would it be possible to falsify the Islamic history and say to Muslims: The honour and respect you obtained at one time was the result ofsome (favourable) conditions. Those days are gone now, andthey will never come back. 3- We were very anxious that the Ottomans and Iraniansmight notice our plots and foil them. Despite the fact that thesetwo States had already been debilitated considerably, we still did not feel certain because they had a central government with property, weaponry, and authority. 4– We were extremely uneasy about Islamic scholars. Forthe scholars of Istanbul and Al-adh-har, and the Iraqi and[1]However, those who impute mendacity to our Prophet are Shi’ites andChristians. The deviating beliefs, words and dirty works of Shi’iteswhich do not conform with those of our Prophet and Qur’ân al-kerîmare written and refuted each in the books of Ahl-i sunnat such us As-Sawaiq ul-muhrika, Tuhfa-i ithnâ ashariyya, Te’yîd-i Ahl-i Sunnat,Nâhiye, Ashab-i kirâm, Hujaj-i qat’iyye, and Milal wa Nihal. Theauthor of Sawaiq Ahmed ibni Hajar Mekkî died in Mekka in 974 [1566A.D.]; Tuhfa’s author Abdul ’Azîz died in Delhi in 1239 [1824 A.D.]; Te’yîd’s author Imam-i Rabbânî Ahmad Fârûqî died in Serhend in 1034[1624 A.D.], Nâhiye’s author Abdul ’Azîz Ferhârevî died in 1239 [1824A.D.]; Ashab-i kirâm’s author Abdulhakim Arwâsî died in Ankara in1362 [1943 A.D.]; Hujaj’s author Abdullah Suweydî died in Baghdâd in1174 [1760 A.D.]; Milal’s author Muhammad Shihristânî died inBaghdâd in 548 [1154 A.D.].

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– 9 –Damascene scholars were insurmountable obstacles againstour objectives. For they were the kind of people who would never compromise their principles to the tiniest extent because they had turned against the transient pleasures andadornments of the world and fixed their eyes on the Paradisepromised by Qur’ân al-kerîm. The people followed them. Eventhe Sultan was afraid of them. Sunnites were not so stronglyadherent to scholars as were Shiites. For Shiites did not readbooks; they only recognized scholars, and did not show duerespect to the Sultan. Sunnites, on the other hand, read books, and respected scholars and the Sultan. We therefore prepared a series of conferences. Yet eachtime we tried we saw with disappointment that the road wasclosed for us. The reports we received from our spies werealways frustrating, and the conferences came to naught. We did not give up hope, though. For we are the sort of people whohave developed the habit of taking a deep breath and being patient. The Minister himself, the highest priestly orders, and a fewspecialists attended one of our conferences. There were twentyof us. Our conference lasted three hours, and the final session was closed without reaching a fruitful conclusion. Yet a priestsaid, “Do not worry! For the Messiah and his companionsobtained authority only after a persecution that lasted three hundred years. It is hoped that, from the world of the unknown, he will cast an eye on us and grant us the good luck of evictingthe unbelievers, (he means Muslims), from their centers, be itthree hundred years later. With a strong belief and long-termpatience, we must arm ourselves! In order to obtain authority,we must take possession of all sorts of media, try all possible methods. We must try to spread Christianity among Muslims. It will be good for us to realize our goal, even if it will be aftercenturies. For fathers work for their children.”A conference was held, and diplomats and religious menfrom Russia and France as well as from England attended. I was very lucky. I, too, attended because I and the Minister were in very good terms. In the conference, plans of breaking Muslims into groups and making them abandon their faith and bringing them round to belief (Christianizing them) like in Spainwere discussed. Yet the conclusions reached were not as had been expected. I have written about all the talks held in that

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– 10 –conference in my book “Ilâ Melekût-il-Mesîh.” It is difficult to suddenly uproot a tree that has sent out its roots to the depths of the earth. But we must make hardships easy and overcome them. Christianity came to spread. OurLord the Messiah promised us this. The bad conditions that the east and the west were in helped Muhammad. Those conditionsbeing gone, have taken away the nuisances (he means Islam) that accompanied them. We observe with pleasure today thatthe situation has changed completely. As a result of the great works and endaveours of our ministry and other Christian governments, Muslims are on the decline now. Christians, onthe other hand, are gaining ascendancy. It is time we retook the places we lost throughout the centuries. The powerful State ofGreat Britain pioneers this blessed task [of annihilating Islam].


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