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Refutation of Umar Vadillo’s The Esoteric Deviation in Islam

The Murabitun & Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani:

Refutation of Umar Vadillo’s
Esoteric Deviation in Islam

by GF Haddad

Sha`ban 1425 / September 2004

When the Messenger of Allah, upon him blessings and peace, emerged in Makkah as the soon-to-be absolute leader of the Arabs, the handful of aspirant monarchs that considered themselves first in the race and most deserving of honor gnashed their teeth in utter rejection even as they believed in his status of Prophet. Abu Jahl confessed to this as narrated in the Sunan; pride and arrogance made them kuffar regardless of faith. When the Holy Prophet arrived in Madina the same thing happened: the diadem the people were confecting for Abd Allah ibn Ubay ibn Salul dropped from their hands and they ran to our Liege-Lord Muhammad, upon him blessings and peace. The would-be king became a chief munafiq and stewed in his envy and spite, spewing every falsehood he could against the Prophet, his family and his friends. The biggest calumny of all was brought against our Mother A’isha, of which Allah Himself exonerated her in the very month of Sha`ban al-Mu`azzam.

The affliction of envy for Allah’s Friends

It is the same with the Prophet’s friends in every century: they must, if they are true inheritors, face the envy and spite of thirteen to the dozen would-be kinglets they oust from the imaginary leadership they never cease dreaming of. In the United States Shaykh Hisham Kabbani faced and still faces such a cabal day in and day out. He is unfailingly exonerated and justified by the grace of Allah Who is without doubt pleased with him, as anyone that has eyes can see. The sooner American seekers of guidance recognize his Karamah and spiritual standing, the higher their rank will rise here and hereafter insha Allah. Similarly is Allah well-pleased with the Blessing of the Age, Shaykh Hisham’s teacher, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani, whom we might describe as a greater light of the two Easts and the two Wests than the sun in our sky, were it not that we are ordered to address people according to their understanding; and the sum of their understanding is that he is an ordinary person.

So, understandably, they rage against Shaykh Nazim. Their petty minds understandably leave no curse unsaid: yesterday a KGB agent, today a freemason, tomorrow perhaps an hostile ET. And why not, when the self-aggrandizing, extremist, boot camp fanatics of the second Hijri century known as the Kharijis made up similar demonizations of no less than the Companions of the Prophet?

Signs of Kharijism

The unmistakable marks of Kharijis are purism and their addiction to anathema. From the beginning until now they and their epigones have not been able to devise a better sell for bigoted types. All one happy gnarlin’ ’n hissin’ family inside a worn-out Trojan horse that goes: “Let us purge ye from your damning beliefs so that ye not roast in Hell where we had rather expedite ye.” They will cry ‘Tawhid,’ they will cry ‘Fight Riba.’ But all join hands when it comes to declaring mainstream Muslims deviant.

Take, for example, the Habashi sect based in Beirut, Lebanon (aptly known as the “Association of Islamic Charitable Projects”: the Association itself being neither) [see Refutation of the Habashis]. They may protest day and night that they are “Ash`ariyy, Shafi`iyy, Rifa`iyy” but as surely as the sun rises in the sky, they are the same brand of insipid Kharijites as their arch-enemies the Wahhabis. Imam al-Shafi`i, Imam al-Ash`ari, and Imam al-Rifa`i, Allah be well-pleased with them, are innocent of anyone that wags their tongues against the Companions of the Messenger of Allah, upon him and them blessings and peace, while the Habashi leader known as `Abd Allah al-Harari is the proud author of a booklet declaring thousands of Companions corrupt. It is nearly mass-transmitted from the Prophet, upon him blessings and peace, that anyone that insults his Companions is cursed. As Imam Abu Zur`a said: “Whoever insults the Companions, know that he is a zindiq” i.e. a hidden disbeliever, as narrated by al-Khatib in his Kifaya.

The Habashis also distinguish themselves for attacking the Awliya and `Ulama of Ahl al-Sunna in our time and declaring them apostates right and left when the Prophet said, upon him peace, as narrated by al-Bukhari and Muslim: “Whoever calls his [Muslim] brother ‘kafir’, it becomes definitely true of one of the two.”

It is the same with that other Khariji heresy of the 21st Century, the Murabitun of Abd al-Qadir al-Murabit (Ian Neil Dallas) and their latest fitnah: Umar Ibrahim Vadillo’s The Esoteric Deviation in Islam , a plodding 900-page brick that boasts one message that typifies the contempt the Murabitun have for the Community of Islam: “We are holy and the mass of Muslims are freemasons.” You might call it a demonstration of Ian Dallas’s Iblisi statement, “One billion muslims (sic) are enslaved because they think that the idea that they have of God is God!” Hasbuna Allah.

My first encounter with Vadillo’s world was on the internet about ten years ago. Vadillo became frenzied when I mentioned that zakat on gold could be paid not necessarily in gold but in any local paper currency, an agreed-upon fatwa in the Muslim world borrowed from the Hanafi and Maliki Madhhabs. You see, in 1991, Vadillo and Dallas had produced a “Fatwa [!!] Concerning the Islamic Prohibition of Using Paper-Money as a Medium of Exchange.” Then, when I mentioned that I came to Islam partly through reading Martin Lings’ Life of Muhammad upon him blessings and peace, Vadillo crowed, ‘You should revise your Islam.’ I was probably an apostate, he felt, because I had entered Islam after reading a book written, in his well-considered view, by a rank Guenonian Masonic esotericist. It followed that everything Lings touched must turn to deviance, including the Shahada. It was a case of kufr not for denying, but because I said La ilaha illallah Muhammadun Rasulullah!

The Esoteric Deviation in Islam is replete with examples of the same looney tunes of mindless generalizations on the one hand and guilt by association on the other. Understand the main business is curse and anathema. It may take a ‘Gold Dinar’ mantra or a ‘Fiqh of Madina’ mantra, after several megabytes of talk and scribble, most lately a so-called “Islamic Youth Conference” in perfect Wahhabese linguo, The Organization wants you to remember just two words: auto-da-fé. So be warned you’re to be on their good side. What due process of Shari`ah? What adab of Tariqah? Are we not sufficiently “Ash`ari Maliki” for our shameless, calumnious, murderous Kharijism to pass for righteousness? So many witches, so few public burnings! How appropriate that one of the Murabitun’s companies is called Yathrib, a name the Holy Prophet banned and which means ‘plagued.’

Believe it or not, there is a method to the itinerary that leads from Dallas’s Eastern mysticism in The Book of Strangers to accusing the foremost Friend of Allah, Shaykh Nazim, of extreme satanism in Vadillo’s Esoteric Deviation (p. 460). Once you can believe that an excited, unschooled, unauthorized, untrained extra from Cinecittà with a Monty Python voice mouthing crypto-Nazi and blatantly Masonic views ( can extemporaneously materialize as Sufi Guru of the Times then again as Pontifex Maximus of True Islamic Law, any subsequent ignorance should be a cinch. I mean Jahl; frantic shoppers of jahl at a big jahl sale after which no jahl remains.


Why plod far? Vadillo begins and ends his book with blasphemies, as if to warn despite himself it needs pollute only the dumbest buyers. The Esoteric Deviation begins with the sentence: “All Praise is due to Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful, the Lord of all the worlds, the King of the Day of Judgment, Who has gathered all knowledge in His essence and Who is the Creator of all knowledge for eternity.” It follows that Allah has gathered something created in His Essence, an absolute heresy: Allah is never the Creator of His own `Ilm, an uncreated Divine Attribute in Sunni Doctrine like all the Divine Attributes.

Then these ubermensch enormities on Vadillo’s p. 749-750: “Our goal is to want what Allah wants and to do it without hesitation.” What Allah wants goes, with or without you, Mr. Vadillo; your goal should have been to do what Allah commands and to leave what He forbids, while among the things Allah said He wants, and the Prophet commands, are EASE and RELIEF (Qur’an 2:185, 4:28) with which you, your book, and your Movement stand at complete odds because you consider these values Masonic deviations. “These are the people we want to create… and they are the noblest outcome of our efforts.” (p. 750) But, Mr. Vadillo, the “we” you rely upon cannot create even a fly, and if a fly were to rob you, your friend from Inverness, and his supporters of a speck of dust, the “we” you boast of could not recover it in a million years. And what Allah wants of you first and foremost, and which you claim to do without hesitation, is to obey and love the Prophet Muhammad, whom you studiously ignore in your closing section where you praise and supplicate for yourself and your Movement and its Zarathustra and Herrenmensch-Elite.

More examples of Vadillo’s Nietzschean “construct for Islam’s future” very quickly gleamed from The Esoteric Deviation in Islam:

– “We are not monotheist.” (p. 284) Indeed; but we Muslims are. Allah Most High said {Your God is One God} and this is monotheism, namely “the belief or doctrine that there is only one God” (Webster’s).

– “[T]here is no brotherhood of mankind.” (p. 284) “[T]he doctrine of brotherhood of mankind is not a Sufi doctrine, it is not even jewish or christian, it is simply a freemasonic ideal.” (p. 642) “[T]he doctrine of the brotherhood of mankind, the sign of the esotericists, which is connected… to the philosophy of tolerance.” (p. 679)

But Allah said He created mankind from a single soul and the Prophet, upon him blessings and peace, said we all come from Adam. Vadillo and co. prefer a more Hobbesian world of eat or be eaten. {When it is said unto them: Make not mischief in the earth, they say: We are peacemakers only} (2:11); this man and his teacher may growl “Peacemakers we are definitely not,” still {Are not they indeed the mischief makers? But they perceive not} (2:12).

– “[T]he people of the Book are to be made dhimmis under our power.” (p. 456)

Do you mean after or before you are finished with the Muslims? Vadillo wrote the above in a paragraph intended to criticize Shaykh Nazim for “den[ying] Jihad,” but Vadillo’s own Shaykh wrote in the wake of September 11, “A true study of the Qur’an and the Sunnah shows us that capitalism will not be abolished on the battlefield but in the marketplace where it is practiced.” Vadillo’s double standard runs through his book like the San Andreas fault.

– “The only valid tolerance is from the Shari`ah of Allah and not from religious consensus under the auspices of UN resolutions” (p. 650).

It goes without saying that the Shari`ah is final on what a Muslim must understand and practice as “tolerance,” but note the attempt to divorce Ijma` from the Shari`ah, a cherished goal of the Murabitun, the Muhajirun, Hizb at-Tahrir, and other Khariji plants dying to embroil Muslims in a Total War With Everybody Else.

– “Revere the Injil… we clearly do not[,] since we consider it to be, in its present form, an inaccurate copy which has been abrogated in its totality by the Qur’an.” (p. 681).

Allah save us from pseudo-reformers that confuse the rulings of abrogation with the dictates of adab and confuse reverence with submission and belief. First, the Shari`ah makes it incumbent upon every Muslim to know the names of the heavenly Books and believe in them and the Prophets they were revealed to; second, adab requires every Muslim to revere the same books for all time even in translation and even in their present form; and third, abrogation is irrelevant here and is just an excuse for poor manners, like “inaccuracy.” Little do they revere the Qur’an to begin (the meanings of which they twist and contort to fit their agenda), even less the Sunnah which they do not know, and their acts show they harbor spite and rancor for the Muslims, then it is a small thing that one of them be caught saying they do not revere the Injil which Allah Almighty revealed, and even smaller to call the main Shaykh of Guidance in our time an evil, extreme fatalist that abuses the Muslims (p. 464-465)!

Vadillo again uses a double standard to cast other people’s speech as masonry, perennialism, and all the dirty words they use, but his own pope’s speech is infallible even when it drips with masonic language and perennialism:

– Abdalqadir (p. 288-289): “According to the pure doctrine of the huda, or ancient guidance that has adhered from the time of our father, Sayyiduna Adam, peace be upon him, gnosis lies in the hands of the prophet of the time.” “For six hundred years there was a living christian gnostic tradition.” “Moses, Jesus, Muhammad – they are one line, peace be upon all of them – their teaching is Islam.” “Embedded in Vedic writings and Buddhist sutras there is no doubt that one can discover fragments of a pure Tawhid (unity) [sic].”

So Vadillo’s professor is allowed to say all this, or that “The Holy Grail was nothing other than the black stone of the Ka’bah”!! (in The New Wagnerian p. 171); but when Shaykh Nazim says, “All religions which believe in all prophets and in all the revelations coming to them through the Creator, are the same” and “The target of all religions is the same, but the methods have changed throughout the time” (p. 455), it is “perennialism”!

Of the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Tariqah of Shaykh Nazim and his representative Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, Vadillo states with unmitigated gall (p. 641), “This false Naqshbandi group that comes from Daghestan represents our whole esoteric thesis in one.”

And what, pray, is his “whole esoteric thesis in one”? The brotherhood of mankind, the universality of religions, and belief in the impending appearance of the Mahdi.

Rejection of al-Mahdi

A flip side of the Murabitun ‘Gold Dinar ‘mantra is their ‘Don’t Expect the Mahdi’ mantra. The entire Qadyani heresy is founded on a similar denial because a pseudo-mahdi wants no rival. The appearance of the Mahdi is in fact mass-transmitted by over twenty Companions of the Prophet, upon him and them blessings and peace, as documented by the Moroccan hadith Master of Damascus Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ja`far al-Kattani in his dictionary of mutawatir hadiths titled Nazm al-Mutanathir. This places whoever knowingly denies belief in the appearance of the Mahdi beyond the pale of Sunni belief or somewhere worse.

To justify their ignorance of the Sunnah with regard to the Mahdi in ostensible Shari`ah terms, the Murabitun’s only stilt is Ibn Khaldun’s anti-Mahdi hadithic argument which Vadillo fastidiously reproduces in full in his book (p. 753-770). He is blissfully oblivious to the fact that those arguments are just as irrelevant today as they were in Ibn Khaldun’s time, since he is not considered an authority in hadith and its sciences. Al-Kattani said: “I have seen in our time many people expressing doubt about al-Mahdi, saying: ‘Are the hadiths pertaining to him really decisive as evidence or not?’ and many of them choose to stand with Ibn Khaldun and rely on him, although he is not one of the experts in this field. And truth demands that we go back, in every discipline, to those that master it, and ironclad knowledge belongs to Allah Most High and Exalted.”

Al-Kattani adds that tawatur was reported on the subject by al-Sakhawi in Fath al-Mughith from Abu al-Husayn al-Abirri al-Sijistani’s (d. 363) Sharh al-Risala, Manaqib al-Shafi`i, and Maghani al-Wafa bi Ma`ani al-Iktifa; also Abu al-`Ala’ Idris ibn Muhammad ibn Idris al-Husayni al-`Iraqi in his epistle on the topic; also al-Saffarayini in his Sharh `Aqidat al-Imam Ahmad; al-Shawkani in his epistle al-Tawdih fi Tawatur ma Ja’a fi al-Mahdi wal-Dajjal wal-Masih, and al-Haytami in the fatwa cited below. But if ignorance of Arabic, Fiqh, Usul, Qur’an, and Hadith never stopped a gifted news analyst from reconstructing the Shari`ah for his cringing devotees [ref. to Syed Qutb], why should it matter that Ibn Khaldun was never more than an average muqallid in any discussion of hadith authenticity?

Another non-argument of the Murabitun is that “we do not find this in the books of the Malikis” (for their knowledge now encompasses the books of the Malikis). Yet the famous renewer of the Maliki Madhhab Ahmad ibn `Ashir included belief in and expectation of the Mahdi among the necessary articles of Muslim belief in his poem summing up the creed of Islam! Yet it really would not matter at all if Imam Malik and the schools of Madina never mentioned al-Mahdi since the agreement of the Ummah is more important and more probative than the Fiqh of Madinah, and the Ummah concurs that belief in the Mahdi is part of the Islamic creed.

But the Mahdi hullabalo is just the tip of the iceberg. That Vadillo counts the number of times Shaykh Nazim mentions “Jesus” and “shaytan” in contrast with “Allah” and “Muhammad” under the rubric “Satanism” (p. 462) shows the suspiciously Guénonian pitch of his anti-Masonic fever and its phantasmagoric self-fulfilling prophecies. As for the Murabitun homily that “Muslims do not wait to establish Islam,” needless to say, it is a straw man over which no two rams butt heads, reminiscent of the anti-sufi pseudo-argument that Islam is against quietism and monasticism. The European and American Muslims that follow Shaykh Nazim hardly “wait to establish Islam” in their persons, homes, communities, and businesses.

To conclude on the issue of the Mahdi, the major Makkan Shafi`i faqih, hafiz, and Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Hajar al-Haytami in his fatwa titled al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi `Alamat al-Mahdi al-Muntazar (“The Brief Discourse on the Portents of the Awaited Mahdi”) said that denial of the Mahdi entails kufr:

It has been related that the Prophet, blessings and peace upon him, said: “Whoever denies belief in the Dajjal, has certainly committed disbelief (man kadhdhaba bil-dajjali fa-qad kafara), and whoever denies belief in the Mahdi, has certainly committed disbelief (wa-man kadhdhaba bil-mahdi fa-qad kafara).”

Abu Bakr al-Askafi narrated it in Fawa’id al-Akhbar, and also [the hadith master] Abu al-Qasim al-Suhayli in his book Sharh al-Sirah.

The hadith mentioned above is also narrated by the hadith Master Ibn Nasir al-Din al-Dimashqi in his book `Uqud al-Durar fi `Ulum al-Athar (“The Pearl Necklaces in the Science of Reports”) p. 156 and the hadith Master Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti in his treatise al-`Arf al-Wardi fi Akhbar al-Mahdi (“The Rose Fragrance Concerning the Reports on al-Mahdi) in his collected fatwas entitled al-Hawi lil-Fatawa (2:161). This is the belief of Ahl al-Sunnah, this is the belief of the Sufis, this is the belief of our Shaykhs, and this is the belief of the true Shadhili Shaykhs, whose path both al-Suyuti and al-Haytami followed. Whoever differs with them is a liar and an innovator.

“Vehement hatred has already appeared from their mouths”

Although Vadillo does denounce a few unsavory characters, by and large he leaves the Qur’anic heresies alone, such as the neo-Mu`tazilis of the West and the Muslim world, the … the Omar Bakris, the “Qur’an-only” yahoos, the Ahmadis/Qadyanis, the pseudo-feminists and other Sunnah-negating re-formers of our hermeneutics. Instead he unleashes a birdbrained “free-mason!” Macarthyism on Lings, al-Qaradawi, and others not nearly one tenth as masonic and controversial as the Murabitun themselves. From their chief kook to their academic errand-boys and menial translators, they have mumbled against the Four Imams and would dispense with the Hadith of the Prophet altogether if they could. “We follow Malik,” one of them had the gall to say, “only insofar as he adheres to the `amal of Madina”! If they were more than fledgling zindiqs they would attack the Qur’an also for mentioning `Isa, upon him blessings and peace, and shaytan too much for their taste.

However, it is the Murabitun’s hatred of Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani and his Naqshbandi Tariqah that gives them away. Shaytan hated Adam, the father of (the brotherhood of) mankind, not because of Adam’s own person, but because out of his progeny would come forth our Liege-Lord Muhammad who is the first and last Advocate of mankind, the Seal of Prophets and Master of creation, upon him blessings and peace. It follows that shaytan also hates the Prophet’s Inheritor in every era. In our time, Shaykh Nazim and his friends are the salt of the earth and the best of creation without doubt; a faith I hope to claim as a reason for salvation on the Day of Resurrection. If there is a greater living representative of the Message of Muhammad, the Message of Jesus, and the Message of Moses on the face of the earth, inform us! But what, Nimrod and Pharaoh ask, is a Friend of Allah? Then they proceed to demonize right and truth.

How aptly did a reporter describe the Murabitun as “possibly the only religious sect in history whose defining article of faith is a financial theory”! (“In Gold We Trust,” Wired Magazine January 2002). Then they hiss at Shaykh Nazim because Sharifs, Sultans, Kings and Princes take his hand while all they get is Qaddafists, Kemalists and Mahatir Mohammad. Shaykh Mustafa ibn Sidi Ibrahim Basir of Banu `Iyat said they came to the Maghrib and tried to enlist him into their project of an international organization of some sort (their “World Murabitun Movement”), presided by The Shaykh of Instruction of the Age. Sidi Mustafa told me he would have nothing to do with it and told them: You are all welcome to the Zawiya, as for dunya we are not interested in it.

The Murabitun also reject Lings’ superlative biography of Sidi Ahmad ibn `Aliwa, A Sufi Saint of the Twentieth Century although they claim that Ibn `Aliwa’s successor, the Darqawi Moroccan Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib, made Dallas a caliph, but those I spoke with during my 1420-1421 stay in Morocco denied this. (Sidi Basir told me that the Khalifa of Sidi Ibn al-Habib in the Darqawi Tariqa was Shaykh Muhammad al-Qurshi, whose zawiya is in Morocco.) They also claim Ibn al-Habib put Dallas in charge of teaching Islam in the West but this also is untrue; rather, former travel associates of Dallas said Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib actually predicted that a Shaykh would be coming to the West for that purpose, which is Shaykh Nazim. Both aspects are borne out by fact regardless of any prediction: neither does Dallas teach Islam for all the Sufi-then-Maliki panoply, nor does there remain the shadow of a doubt that Shaykh Nazim, in 20 years’ work, single-handedly converted to traditional Islam the greatest number of people in Western da`wah history.

False titles

As for the impudent titles they now claim for Ian Dallas: The Shaykh of Instruction of the Age, the Recoveror of True Islamic Fiqh, and Reviver of the Sunnah etc.: such claims were predicted by the Holy Prophet, upon him blessings and peace, in his narrations about the unabashed and unchallenged reign of ignorance at the end of time. Sweet ignorance! Can even a child accept to dispense with wudu for six months and go on a tayammum-only spree although water is plentiful, as that man’s followers did in Norwich? Is this not the doing of a dajjal stealing the Salat of the Muslims by playing with the Law? Hasbuna Allah.

The Murabitun hate to hear about Mahdi and `Isa, upon our Prophet and them blessings and peace, because they do not expect any more good to come from the Heaven. They are materialists dying for scraps of worldly power. This is the wont of every latter-day Muslim brotherhood, party, and organization without exception and the only salvation from this mortal fall is connection to the Awliya through an uninterrupted and authentic chain of transmission. Hence they attack Shaykh Nazim’s heavenly inspiration, his heavenly words, his heavenly ways. They attack in Shaykh Nazim the one scourge of materialism in our time and the declared enemy of dajjals of any kind.

About their leader

Is it not time they knew what Shaykh Nazim said of their leader? A trustworthy Spanish murid of nine years told me that he was Shaykh Nazim’s driver on a 3,000-mile tour of Spain in 1997 during which the Shaykh was asked about Abd al-Qadir al-Murabit and he replied: “A shaytan who was given a bowl of blessed water and used it up to gather some people and start a group. He was shown a light but it was only a battery light. When the water finished he became envious of those that were given a spring.”

Another murid from Germany told me that at the time Dallas, pretexting the need to study fiqh and spread the Murabitun ideology of superiority of what he imagined to be the Maliki School, renounced the Darqawi Adab to which he had been pledged before and his followers deserted him en masse (including his associate Shaykh Fadlallah Haeri), some for their graves, some for mental institutions, and some for Tariqah, Shaykh Nazim said: “He is like someone who took to sea with his group then, when a storm threatened the boat, admitted that he was not a captain and that the boat was unfit for the open sea; then he had himself lifted into a rescue helicopter and left his group to save themselves.”

And now, Umar Ibrahim Vadillo’s Esoteric Deviation in Islam , a book that makes its rizq the revilement of the Awliya and, worse, panders to a Final Solution ethos passing for Islamic reform! – a tract of misguidance as dark as its pitch-black and devil-red cover. What more perverse victory for shaytan than to produce the straight-faced idiocy that dubs a Spanish Petit Inquisitor “The distinguished Islamic Scholar and Author” of “a gem of a book,” “the essential book on Islamic Groupings over the last century,” his professor “The Shaykh of Instruction of the Age, Recoveror of True Islamic Fiqh, Reviver of the Sunnah” (who cannot tie his own shoes in Arabic) and, in contrast, cries Sycophancy if one rightly names Shaykh Nazim “the unequalled spiritual master of our time, the Mujaddid, Muhyi as-Sunnah, Mu’ayyid al-Haqq, Sultan al-Awliya of the 21st Century”? The same Shaykh Nazim that brought tens of thousands of Westerners to Islam by the grace of Allah and was being arraigned in Republican Turkey for raising the adhan in Arabic long before Umar Ibrahim Whippersnapper was of age to buy the havanas he smokes today in his pin-stripe suit at the corridas The Shaykh of Instruction of the Age encourages him to attend!

One of the hadiths in which the Prophet mentions the Mahdi, upon them blessings and peace, stresses that the earth will be saturated (muli’at) with injustice before it becomes saturated with justice again. This wording is of the utmost importance for the defenders of truth in our time. They must know that there is not one corner of purity or goodness on the face of the earth except the minions of fitnah must buzz over it and deposit on it, like houseflies, some dirt they diligently carry from wherever flies carry dirt. May Allah bring to pass the time when all this is swept away where it belongs. May He use us toward that day as defenders of truth by the blessing of the Most Honored One in His Divine Presence, just as in His wisdom He lets others do their worst as propagators of falsehood. “Say: Shall We inform you who will be the greatest losers by their works? Those whose effort goes astray in the life of the world, and yet they reckon that they do good work” (18:103-104).

May Allah support Shaykh Nazim the Hope of our time ever more, grant him ever higher stations here and hereafter by the Baraka of the Owner of the Flag of Glory our Liege-Lord Muhammad, upon him and his Family and Companions all blessings and peace and the Baraka of the Silsila of the Most Distinguished Tariqatu Naqshbandiyya, and turn over to him the good deeds of his enviers! May Allah fell the rotten dead tree of Kharijism and bigotry that has so damaged us East and West, inside and outside Islam! May He inspire Umar Vadillo to take back that sinister work of his before the grave, his teacher to check invidia at the door of repentance if he intends to abandon Jahiliyya once and for all, and both of them to surrender to the leadership of the true Friends of Allah just as their betters did and do! The day of Dallas’s right honor and golden gain shall come when Allah softens his heart and sweetens his disposition to make him curtsey no longer to the Sukarnos of the world but to his real guide insha Allah: Shaykh Nazim – and serve him tea and Scottish shortbread.

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